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Inspect A Deck: 90's Nostalgia

Art Direction

Packaging Design

Retail Product Development

Production Design

At first glance, Inspect-a-Deck is a simple deck of playing cards with a rad neon theme. At second glance, Inspect-a-Deck is a secret jigsaw puzzle! At third glance, Inspect-a-Deck is a seek & search puzzle stuffed to gills with nostalgic Nineties easter eggs-- hey, isn't that the pointy "S" we all drew in our notebooks?

I created Inspect-a-Deck 90's Nostalgia with our in-house Illustrator, Katrina Turk. With her expertise, we injected an all-star cast of classic 90s colors and toys into this 3-in-1 playing card / jigsaw puzzle / scavenger hunt.

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